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Comparison between rod mill and ball mill

Good quality Ceramic Ball Mill for sales
Good quality Ceramic Ball Mill for sales
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Comparison between rod mill and ball mill
Comparison between rod mill and ball mill

After in-depth research, calculation and comparison, it is found that the comprehensive effects of various economic indicators and production capacities of the rod mill are far superior to those of the ball mill .


1, from a mathematical analysis of the crusher, ball mill or rod mill, whether, when the rotation of the cylinder, the cylinder body mounted in the grinding media (balls or rods) under the effect of centrifugal force and frictional force, as the turning cylinder is raised to a certain height, and then the falling speed of a certain line, thus producing an impact of the cylinder block coal grinding and pressing the pulverized coal. Then the difference is:


(1) The ball mill needs the steel ball to have a higher drop speed at a higher position, and the impact energy is larger, the crushing effect will be better, but the power consumption is also larger. The rod mill mainly relies on grinding and squeezing between the rod and the rod, and the rotation speed is low, and the power consumption required is relatively low.


(2) The working characteristic of the rod mill is that the rods and the rods have a sieving effect on the coal during the movement, so that the large particles of coal can be lifted to the highest position of each layer, and concentrated to a place with strong crushing ability for crushing. . Therefore, the rod mill is used for coal crushing operations with high efficiency, low power consumption, and uniform coal particle size and less muddy action.


2. Since the impact of the ball mill medium (steel ball) is point contact, the large particles in the coal easily escape from the inlet to the outlet, and there are many large particles. On the contrary, the finer coal particles are repeatedly impacted by the falling ball and will appear. The pulverization phenomenon is so that the coal powder of >320 mesh is more than the rod mill. The working characteristic of the rod mill is that the rod and the rod are in line contact during the movement, firstly crushing the larger particles of coal, so that the large particle coal is greatly reduced, and the selective crushing can reduce the excessive pulverization of the coal. For this reason, after the ball mill is changed into a rod mill, two rod mills can save more than 3,000 tons of coal per year, worth about 1 million yuan.


3. For the  coal gasification process, the time required for the chemical reaction of coarse coal gas is longer than that of the coal powder of <320 mesh. The coarse and too fine pulverized coal of the rod mill is less than the ball mill, which is beneficial for reducing coal consumption and residual carbon in the coal slag. It can be clearly seen from the above analysis that the particle size distribution of the coal water slurry by the rod grinding mechanism is more suitable for the gasification reaction of the Texaco gasifier.


4. After the ball mill is changed to the rod mill, another reason for saving electricity: no matter the ball mill or the rod mill, the energy consumption of the motor is mainly consumed in the medium (ball or rod) in the cylinder. The amount of coal added to the motor stator of the motor is very good. small.

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