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The speed of the ball mill affects the output of the ball mill

Good quality Ceramic Ball Mill for sales
Good quality Ceramic Ball Mill for sales
Lipu provided me good after-sale service after buying their gold ore dressing plant, that’s important to me, will consider to buy the second plant.

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I bought one complete 15tph sand drying plant from Lipu in 2012, it’s still running well, the dryer they supplied me is very durable.

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The speed of the ball mill affects the output of the ball mill
The speed of the ball mill affects the output of the ball mill

The rotation speed affects the output of the ball mill . The suitable working speed of the grinding machine is 76% and 88% of the critical speed respectively. The rotation rate of the ball mill currently manufactured in China is mostly between 75% and 80%, which is slightly lower than the theoretical calculation value.
Of course, if you encounter mill production capacity of less than design production quotas, increasing speed as appropriate grinding machine, is still regarded as one of the effective measures progress beneficiation plant processing capacity. When the grinding machine rotates at a low speed, the medium is mainly in the sloping movement, the impact is small, the grinding effect is mainly grinding, the grinding machine has low production capacity and is suitable for fine grinding; when the rotation speed is high, the medium is throwing motion. The proportion of the method is large, the impact effect is strong, the grinding effect is mainly impact, and the grinding and stripping is second, which is beneficial to crushing and destroying coarse-grained materials, and the grinding machine has high production capacity. However, after the grinding machine speed is improved, the vibration and wear are intensified, and it is necessary to pay attention to strengthening the treatment and maintenance. On the other hand, if the grinding machine has a surplus of production capacity, the rotation speed should be appropriately reduced to reduce energy consumption and steel consumption, and reduce the grinding cost.
The ore feeding rate refers to the amount of ore fed into the mill per unit time. The movement state of the medium is different, and the grinding effect is different. When other preconditions are constant, the state of movement of the grinding media in the cylinder depends on the rotational speed of the mill. When the ore-feeding speed is too low and the ore quantity is insufficient, the medium will be lining up in the grinding machine, the wear will be intensified, and the product will be broken and severely destroyed. If the ore is too fast, the ore will be overloaded when the ore is too much. The grinding process was destroyed by the discharge of steel balls, the discharge of large ore blocks and the emergence of slurry. In the actual production, the appropriate speed of the grinding machine should be determined through long-term production comparison test. When comparing, it is necessary to look at the production capacity of the grinding machine, but also the power consumption, steel consumption and economic benefits.

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