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The essentials for the correct operation of the ball mill

Good quality Ceramic Ball Mill for sales
Good quality Ceramic Ball Mill for sales
Lipu provided me good after-sale service after buying their gold ore dressing plant, that’s important to me, will consider to buy the second plant.

—— George Rodger

I bought one complete 15tph sand drying plant from Lipu in 2012, it’s still running well, the dryer they supplied me is very durable.

—— Eko Sumarwan

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The essentials for the correct operation of the ball mill

As a ball mill operation, the factors that need to be adjusted without relative adjustment are: raw ore hardness, crushing particle size, grid sieve hole, ball mill model, steel ball mass, steel ball addition amount, steel ball size ratio, ball mill speed, classifier speed The distance between the impeller of the classifier, the height of the spindle of the classifier, the wear of the classifier blade, the overflow of the classifier, the height of the opening under the classifier, the opening size under the classifier, the opening height on the classifier, and the opening size on the classifier. This part of the factors is the early stage of design and process. Of course, now many unreasonable beneficiation plant design, equipment installation problems or equipment quality.

Ball mill model selection: Different ball mill models can meet different process technology requirements. This factor must be properly selected during design.

The installation of the ball mill is different, and the gears of the large and small gears have deviations.

The gear of the gear reducer of the ball mill has sand holes, and the equipment is installed, and there are still several classes, gear wear and other problems.

The ball mill masters the important parameters of daily adjustment, which is an important content that directly reflects the level of ball mill operation and the utilization rate of grinding. Mainly: the size of the water supply of the ball mill, the size of the flushing at the discharge port of the ball mill, and the size of the ore.

There are several aspects that can be noticed for the aura of the ball mill. One is to see if the ball mill gives the mine mouth, and the other is to listen to the ball mill sound. If the ball mill is swollen, the sound becomes small and stuffy. The third is to watch the ball mill current. The control cabinet, in particular, emphasizes that if the ball mill is swollen, its current value becomes smaller, and many operators and engineers think that it is just the opposite. They think that the ball mill is swollen because the amount of mineral in the ball mill is large, and its current value is changed. Big, this is the wrong view.

The principle is: the ball mill is swollen, because the amount of minerals in the ball mill machine is more, and when the ball mill has more ore, the steel ball and ore are operated together with the barrel of the ball mill, and the ore size of the ball mill discharge port is changed. Thick, at this time, the ball mill does less work, and the electric energy is reduced to kinetic energy, and the electric energy is correspondingly smaller. When the voltage is constant, the electric energy becomes smaller, and the change is caused by the current value becoming smaller.

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