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The demand for sand and gravel is Increasing

Good quality Ceramic Ball Mill for sales
Good quality Ceramic Ball Mill for sales
Lipu provided me good after-sale service after buying their gold ore dressing plant, that’s important to me, will consider to buy the second plant.

—— George Rodger

I bought one complete 15tph sand drying plant from Lipu in 2012, it’s still running well, the dryer they supplied me is very durable.

—— Eko Sumarwan

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The demand for sand and gravel is Increasing
The demand for sand and gravel is Increasing

The investment in sandstone stems from good policies. During the current economic crisis, industries such as engineering construction and cement and other raw materials will take the lead, and some investors have turned their supply direction to newly approved railways and highways.

At present, the supply of sand and gravel is in short supply, and many large projects implement the sandstone raw material contracting system, such as the 20,000 tons per day stone production line undertaken by Shanghai Lipu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. In the country’s huge economic investment, how much can the sand and stone industry ultimately absorb depends on the individual's ability to grasp and the speed of response.

After the crusher processing of aggregate larger than 4.75mm of aggregate is called coarse aggregate, commonly known as stone, commonly used gravel and pebble two. Crushed stone is a natural rock or rock made by mechanical crushing, screening, and particle size greater than 4.75mm. The pebbles are rock particles with a particle size of more than 4.75 mm, which are formed by natural weathering, water flow, sorting, and accumulation. The length of the pebbles and pebbles is greater than 2.4 times the average particle size of the granules to which the granule belongs. The thickness is less than 0.4 times the average particle size. The average particle size refers to the granules. The average value of the path). The construction pebbles and gravels should meet the technical requirements of the national standard GB/T14685-2001 “Construction Cobbles, Crushed Stones”. The choice of materials is very wide, as long as the general ore, using the corresponding processing equipment, the finished product can meet the demand for the building to feed together.

The crusher first broken, and then by the sand crusher and shaping after the particle size of 4.75mm below the aggregate is called fine aggregate, commonly known as sand. Sand is divided into natural sand and artificial sand according to the source of production. Natural sand is a rock particle with a particle size of less than 4.75mm formed by natural weathering, water transport and sorting, and accumulation, but does not include particles of soft rock and weathered rock. Natural sand includes river sand, lake sand, mountain sand and desalinated sea sand. Artificial sand is the general name for the sand and mixed sand treated by soil removal.

For sand and stone investment, first of all, it depends on the demand side of sand and stone, and the finished aggregate produced by it. Gravel is mainly used to provide concrete, building aggregates, and granular loose materials that act as skeletons or fillers in concrete. Points coarse aggregate and fine aggregate. Coarse aggregates include pebbles, gravels, waste slags, etc. Fine aggregates include fine sand, fly ash, and the like.

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