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Similarities and differences between impact crusher and hammer crusher

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Similarities and differences between impact crusher and hammer crusher
Similarities and differences between impact crusher and hammer crusher

Similarities and differences between impact crusher and hammer crusher

The impact crusher has a large crushing ratio, and the finished product has a good grain shape.

(1) The crushing ratio of the impact crusher can reach 50 or more, and the granular shape of the finished material is good. Under the action of impact, the crushed material tends to break along its most fragile layer. This selective crushing method has uniform discharge granularity, a cubic shape of discharge, low content of fine powder and dust, and therefore requires cubic particles. The occasion. For example, the anti-skid pavement of high-grade roads usually uses a counter-crusher as a final breaking device to produce concrete aggregate.

(2) The crushing ratio of the hammer crusher is small, the product has a large amount of granular needle-like content, high powder content, low crushing efficiency and low output.

Counter-type crusher spare parts replacement is simple, maintenance costs are reduced accordingly

(1) The part of the impact crusher frame is a three-part structure. It only needs to open the rear casing of the crusher to replace the hammer, counterattack and liner, and repair and maintenance operations, and the impact crusher parts. The interchangeability is strong, and the variety of wearing parts is small, which facilitates the procurement and management of spare parts.

(2) There are more than 100 hammers in the hammer crusher. It takes a lot of time and manpower to replace a set of hammers, and the maintenance and maintenance costs are high. The replacement of the bottom screen is also extremely troublesome.

Wear crusher wearing parts is smaller than a hammer crusher, high metal utilization

1) The wear of the impact crusher plate hammer is only on the side facing the material, and the metal utilization rate of the impact crusher plate hammer can be as high as 45% - 48%.

(2) While the hammer of the hammer crusher is in a suspended state, the wear occurs on the upper, the front, the back and the side. Compared with the hammer, the hammer wear is more serious, and the metal utilization rate of the hammer is only about 35%. Moreover, the rotor body itself may also be subject to wear. The bottom sieve plate of the hammer crusher is seriously affected by the wear, the barrier is completely replaced, and the work of replacing the sieve plate is also complicated.

The impact crusher can easily and flexibly adjust the discharge particle size, and the discharge particle size can be adjusted in a wide range.

(1) The impact crusher can adjust the discharge granularity in various ways, such as adjusting the rotor speed, adjusting the clearance between the counterattack and the hammer.

(2) The hammer crusher can adjust the discharge particle size only by replacing the bottom sieve plate.

The counter crusher is suitable for both soft materials and very hard materials.

(1) The hammer of the impact crusher is fixedly mounted on the rotor. When crushing, it can fully utilize the energy of the whole rotor, which is good for crushing large blocks of materials, and the impact crusher has a counter-attack plate and a large crushing cavity. The crushing is not only the impact of the hammerhead, but also the repeated impact between the material and the counterattack or the material and the material.

(2) Compared with the hammer crusher (the hammer head is in a suspended state), the rotor of the impact crusher has greater momentum and is suitable for crushing harder materials. Compared with the hammer crusher, the impact crusher can Low consumption.

Counter-crusher can effectively handle materials with large moisture content and prevent clogging of crusher

(1) Because there is no purlin at the bottom of the impact crusher, the particle size of the product is determined by the gap between the counterattack and the hammer. Therefore, when the moisture content of the treated material is too large, the phenomenon that the purlin is blocked when the wet material is broken can be avoided.

(2) The hammer crusher is equipped with a bottom screen to increase the possibility of blockage.

In summary, the finished product has high requirements for particle size formation and high humidity. If the output is large, the impact crusher must be used. The general small stone factory, processing soft rock and requiring low output (less than 30 tons per hour), Moreover, a hammer crusher can be used without any requirement for the finished grain shape.

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